Results from Real Mothers (like you)

I get it.

No one told you you would have to invest to learn how to help your baby sleep well. But it's about so much more than that.

Past parents who were in your shoes felt the same way -- and at the end of our time together they saw it was worth double - triple! - what they invested.

Because it's about far more than just "sleep".

Will this work for you? Yes.

Read below to see what's possible for you.

We started working together before my baby was even born, and it still amazes me that my baby knows how to fall asleep himself, takes long naps and lets me sleep at night! But it’s so much more than just sleep - my way of looking at situations has really changed, and you also helped me with my other kids and gave loads of good chinuch tips.

-Shiffy S

To all mommies who have been up for nights on end, and are getting very frustrated, you should know that there is a better way. 

It’s been so transformative for me to learn that there was a solution to my sleep-time woes that didn't have to include getting frustrated and upset. (This isn't for someone who doesn't mind being up most of the night, waking up pre-dawn for their toddlers, and nursing/wheeling/holding their babies all day). 

Thanks so much for your guidance. I really learned so much about myself through this.

- Malka L

My baby is B"H sleeping amazing at night, and he's so much more predictable and calmer throughout the day (and to think that before we started, I wasn't sure it would actually work for my super-kvetchy baby!). You were so calm and patient answering every question I had. You gave me the information but you still gave me the space to be me. I definitely would recommend your services to anyone struggling with a hard newborn!

-Blimie K

I finally understand all the best ways to do things and I can implement them easily. I appreciated that you were very responsive and really listened to my needs.

-Aliza F

I want this for myself and my baby!

I had some hesitations about working together, since I didn't know anyone else who'd worked with you, but during the time I was working with you, I accomplished more than I ever thought was possible. You dealt with everything that came up - reflux, bottles, etc. - and you gave me confidence that I was doing the right thing.

-Ruchy S


I love that you work with each mother in what she feels is right for her, but you push a bit as well, so can move on to better sleep. I feel like I know how to help my baby sleep, how to swing back after a crazy day, how to help him be calmer, and I have so much more predictability.

-Miri L

Having a new baby used to be such a nightmare, but you showed me it doesn’t have to be that way. Now I can enjoy this stage immensely. Thank you for giving me the knowledge and confidence to pull this off!

-Toby L

Working with you changed my post-baby life. Having someone holding my hand through the process to help me figure out issues and troubleshoot was so huge! He is sleeping so much better at night and is falling into a predictable daytime schedule.

-Faigy G

Chaya Shifra, I'm indebted to you. I feel so much better (emotionally and physically) now that my kids are sleeping - and I get to sleep too! Knowing what to do, and having a newborn that sleeps well is like a dream.

-Malky N

The most important thing that other mothers should know is that: your method works. My baby is now sleeping 12-13 hours at night, I am so much calmer and I can devote time to my other kids. Thank you!

-Hindy B

Sounds like a dream...

Yosef Shlomo can sleep through the night! It is major. He also sleeps in a crib which he hasn't done for many months. He is not dependent on us and we do not have to keep on attending to him. We have a sense of freedom. It is amazing - we feel like different people. 

-Esti R

Thanks so much Chaya Shifra! I'm grateful that I feel so empowered that my baby CAN do this! (Confession: I really didn't really think it was possible!) 

-Shani S

Now, I have my evenings for myself and my husband, instead of spending the whole evening trying to get my baby to sleep. I am more rested and happy to be a mother, and my baby is more rested and happier!

-Sima M

We are all so much happier and more well rested because we are FINALLY all getting the sleep we need. In the past bedtimes and night wakeups were such a struggle and I would usually end up so frustrated and sometimes in tears. Now we all enjoy bedtime and we all have a peaceful night! Sori falls asleep happily and independently in the crib for naps. She stays asleep in her crib all night without waking up which is life changing for my family!I liked that plan was customized to work for my family and the way you would troubleshoot with me when struggles arose

-Renee A

I loved your simple step by step instructions and how straightforward the plan was. I left with the knowledge and skills to deal with any sleep issues that may crop up in the future, or with my other children. It really helped me get my life back on track.

-Devorah R

My baby now sleeps a 12 hour night straight, takes awesome naps, best of all is he falls asleep on his own for all of these things! It’s a life changer - I would spend hours rocking him and rocking him before this. You gave me courage and made me feel like I was capable of doing this. And even more so: that my baby was capable of doing this!

-Shani S

Highly recommend for any other mother who's struggling with sleep. I loved that my plan was customized for me and my family, and that I was supported through the process. I am calmer and more confident with what I'm doing.

-Faigy R

I want to work with Chaya Shifra, too!