B’sha’ah tovah! You’re expecting!

Of course you’re glowing. Of course you’re excited. Of course you’re looking forward…

But… but…


As much as you know what a bracha each child is, you feel like you’re not as excited as you should be (want to be?) about this baby. Because you’re worried, too.

And no, it’s not labor that making you anxious – it’s after the baby’s born. The newborn stage. And the months that follow.

Maybe you’ve read up, tried some things on your other kid (or kids), but nothing worked in the past. You feel like you tried everything, but nothing ever worked. It took months before your baby slept more than a few hours at a time, and even then it was hard – with that constant flow of “what if”s and “should I”s going around your head.

You know that other people seem to just have “easier” babies, and you wonder if you’re doing something wrong or if there’s just something wrong with your babies. One thing you know for sure – you don’t want to be stumbling through the dark trying to figure out the “right” way this time.

You’re so good at getting things done, and feel capable and efficient in nearly every other area of life, but somehow, when it comes to the newborn stage, you feel like a failure. And, even though you tell yourself over and over again that you’re trying your best —

This time you want to do it better.

You want to be able to feel like a floating new mommy when your baby comes.

You want to enjoy cuddling and holding her, without stressing about know what to do and how to do it and what if this isn’t the right way.



And you also want to be there for the rest of your family, giving them the time and attention they need during this transition, too.

You’d love to be able to spend time with your husband during the first weeks and months of your baby’s life, feel awake and calm enough to go on a date night or just sit and shmooze in a quiet house.

Sure, you’ll be a bit sleep deprived in the beginning (who isn’t after pregnancy?), and you’re fine waking a couple times in the middle of the night, but you’re ready for a plan of action that will ensure that your baby is going will be able to sleep as well as she possibly can – falling asleep on her own, taking good naps during the day and sleeping for long stretches during the night, too.

And you want a baby that’s calm and happy during the day; that can just play nicely on the floor and doesn’t need to be pushed around or juggled along with the raw chicken you’re trying to prep for dinner.

You want to know your baby is getting what he needs, and you want to have the sleep and sanity YOU need.

You want to feel confident and actually know what to do – for this baby and, be”H for future babies, too! – so you can keep being the kind of mother you want to be.

And I’d love to help you do that.

I’m a motherhood coach for Jewish mothers who love their kids but just wish they could enjoy being a mother,

and I can help you build a custom plan that works for you and your children so you can feel confident that you’ll have the predictability and sleep you need to love motherhood as much as you love your kids.

After working together, you will:
  • Enjoy a regular, more predictable routine.
  • Have time to get the sleep you need – and know your baby will, too!
  • Understand your’s and your baby’s sleep and know just what to do to help her sleep well.
  • Have more time for your kids, your husband and yourself.
  • Have the skills and knowledge you need for this baby down the line, and for future children.
  • Be a different – more confident! – mother than you ever were before.

Which is, of course, AMAZING! (My heart is fluttering as I’m writing this – that’s how amazing it all is).

So here’s how we’ll get there:


Prenatal Questionnaire

This is all about you and your family – so we’ll start off by customizing this experience for YOU. You’ll tell me everything about how your pregnancy’s been going, some specifics about family dynamics and schedules, and what you’ve tried in the past, so I can be sure to build the best plan for you.

Custom Prenatal Plan of Action

I’ll build you a plan based on the answers in the questionnaire. This will outline your plan of action for sleep, nursing, and general POA for right before and after your baby comes. This is no “tear out of a book” or “pull off the Internet” one size fits all kinda thing – it’s the real deal. Because you and your family are unique.

Private 90 Minute Consultation

We’ll meet (virtually, of course) and go over the plan in detail – so you can feel 100% confident as you move forward. I’ll be available to answer any questions you have and clarify everything as you get started.

Newborn Behavioral States Cheat Sheet + Simcha Sleep Guide

These handy little guides will tell you exactly what to look for so you know what your newborn needs at any given moment, and will walk you through the sleep side of your baby’s bris or kiddush.

Kimpeturin/Newborn Stage Support

No two babies are the same – and, with a newborn, no two weeks are the same. And that means that, no matter how many babies you’ve already had, this time will be a different experience for you. Once the dust settles after the first week or so, we’ll talk every week of the newborn stage, and you’ll have access to me by email to fine-tune and smooth out any bumps you hit along the way.

Mommy + Baby Weekly Action Plans

You’ll get an updated action plan every week during your baby’s newborn stage so you know exactly what to do and how to do it as we move forward in building your mommy-ing skills.

Wrap Up and Move Forward Session

We’ll discuss what you can expect AFTER our time together, too – no surprises for you, Super Mommy!

ALL My “First Year” Guides In Your Back Pocket

Life happens! Travel, transitions, moving, yom tov, time changes… all the things that can mess with a baby’s amazing sleep skills. But not your baby! This guide bundle – including nap transitions, awake time limits, dropping night feeds, travel and vacation, early morning wakeups and clock changes – will walk you through the first year so you know exactly what to do to keep that sleep on track.

At the end of our time together, your motherhood will be in a completely different place. Not only will your baby know how to fall asleep independently and sleep better than you dreamed, but you’ll feel so much more confident and calm about the upcoming months with this little kiddo. You’ll have the knowledge and skills to help him sleep and grow as well as possible, and you’ll know you’ll be able to take care of your own needs, too.

So let’s help you see success from the start



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