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 Real feedback from real mothers like you:

I loved KinderWink Academy’s clear, easy to understand plan. And the final results were incredible!  B"H, my baby has been sleeping through the night pacifier free for over 2 months! I am now confident in my baby's sleep skills.
- Yocheved B.

My baby went from nursing to sleep and many wake-ups to falling asleep independently and mostly sleeping through the night. I am not as tired or stressed as I was, and can usually predict when my baby needs to sleep as opposed to guessing why he's kvetchy.  I can leave my house in the evening once he's asleep without worrying about him waking up while I'm out. It works!
-Rikki F

I got exactly what I wanted! My baby has lots of trouble gaining weight, so my aim wasn't sleeping through the night at all. I even allowed 3 night feeds to continue. My goal was to get him onto a schedule with good solid naps, and that was b”H achieved and my daily routine became more predictable. This is doable!

My baby now falls asleep on her own and started taking better naps, all in all learned how to sleep well. Whenever I speak to someone that is struggling with this I tell them they must must try this!
-Shaindy W.