Will this kid EVER sleep well?

Maybe your baby was once a good sleeper, or maybe it’s been like this since birth.



Maybe you’ve read up a little, gotten some advice, or you feel like you should just know what to do, but nothing’s working.

People tell you “he’ll grow out of it”… but somehow he never has. You feel like it’s always been this way, and maybe… maybe (but you’re afraid to say it), this is just the way it’s going to be.

Are you

  • Serving bleary breakfasts at the crack of dawn?
  • Racing around the house like a maniac to get EVERYTHING done during your baby’s too-short nap?
  • Doing a song and dance every night to put your baby to bed?
  • Up all night trying to get your baby to sleep?
  • A little of each?

(Any of that sound familiar?)

The only thing you’re sure of is that this kid can DEFINITELY be sleeping better than he is now. And so can you.

But you’re at a loss as to how to make it happen.

You love your baby, and want to be the best mother possible, but you feel like you’re just not managing.

You just want to be able to function normally, and there is no way you can do this for kid after kid after kid for the next 20 years.


Imagine actually having a routine in your day. You know when to put her in, and know that she’s actually going to go to sleep for the night, or take a real nap.

Picture yourself with time and energy to give attention to your other kids and keep your house in order. 

You can finally spend some time with your husband again, too. You can take a long, hot shower, get dressed up and go out, or go to sleep early.

What if your baby was calm and happy enough to play by himself without needing to be held constantly?


My baby now sleeps a 12 hour night straight, takes awesome naps, best of all is he falls asleep on his own for all of these things! It’s a life changer.

-Shani S.

Now we all enjoy bedtime and we all have a peaceful night! Sori falls asleep happily and independently in the crib and stays asleep in her crib all night.

-Rifky A.


Because it’s not just about this baby not sleeping well

You need a solution so that your family can get the rest they need, so that you can feel like a person again and be the mother and wife you want to be.

The wife and mother your family needs.

I’m Chaya Shifra, and I’m a motherhood coach for Jewish mothers who love their kids but just wish they could enjoy being a mother,

and I can show you how to teach your baby to fall asleep quickly and easily so that you can have a predictable routine and get the sleep you need.

That's exactly why I created KinderWink Academy: to help mothers like you, who have babies 4-20 months old and are ready to get. some. sleep.

In KinderWink Academy, you will learn:
  • Why your baby is not sleeping well – and how that happened – so you know exactly what NOT to do in the future.
  • The exact steps to take to get. this. kid. to. sleep. so you can finally sleep, too.
  • How to really know what your baby needs so you can feel confident about what your next steps will be.
  • Tools to DIY your baby’s sleep success moving forward so you don’t have to worry about your baby’s sleep again!


Sleep, delicious sleep...here we come!


You just want to feel like a person again.


You want to wake up and feel like you actually slept.

You want to be able to go to sleep without worrying how many times your baby will wake up.

You want your baby to be calm and happy during the day and take normal naps predictably.

You know your child must somehow be able to sleep (she sure needs it!), and you want to know how to make that happen.


Before we started, I was hesitant – will it really work that in 2 weeks my baby will be on a schedule? And Baruch Hashem I did it, because it did work! She goes to sleep within a few minutes now! Also, before joining, I had tried to give her afternoon naps, but they never lasted for more than 20 minutes. When I started I thought- hey, so maybe she’ll learn to go to sleep nicely, but will she really start afternoon naps now, at 9 months? She does, and it’s a dream!!

-Shifra C

 Here’s what you’ll get in your unconventional educational experience:
KinderWink Foundation: ALL the stuff you need to know

We’re not “doing sleep training” here; we’re learning about how to help your baby sleep as well as possible. And that means we start before the beginning: you’ll learn everything you need to make sure this isn’t something short-term.

You’ll get access to videos, audio recordings and worksheets so that you know you’ll know everything there is to know.

KinderWink Plan: Sleep Plan and Schedules for your kiddo

No matter what age or stage, you’ll get the sleep plan that’s right for you, and the schedule that fits your baby’s needs. AND you’ll learn how to adjust and tweak that schedule as your baby gets older so this sleep success is long-term.

I’ll walk you through how to build your plan, and how to know what to do when.

KinderWink Check-Ins: Making it happen


But it doesn’t end once you get started! These videos and worksheets will keep you on track and help you troubleshoot – so you don’t find yourself pulling out sheitel hairs at 3 am.

Community Support

For those “Oh no!” or “Oh YEAH!” moments, your fellow Academy-ers will be here to support you: answering your questions, cheering you on, and, of course, the all-around-high-fives, too.

Up, up and AWAY!!!

Life happens! Travel, transitions, moving, yom tov, time changes… all the things that can mess with a baby’s amazing sleep skills. But not your baby! Your guide bundle – including nap transitions, awake time limits, travel and vacation, early morning wakeups and clock changes – will walk you through the upcoming months so you know exactly what to do to keep that sleep on track.

Start When You’re Ready

Not ready to start yet? Not a problem! You’ll have access to everything in the course for a year – so you’ll have plenty of time to prepare, start and, of course, keep things on track!

And that means that you’ll:

  • Be able to blessedly go to bed and know this kiddo won’t wake you up.
  • Have a predictable routine that’ll allow you to plan your days — weeks! months! — with ease.
  • Know that your cute little stinker will do a lot more cute-ing and a lot less stinker-ing (or in plain English: he’ll get the sleep he needs!)
  • Miraculously discover that you more time to spend with your husband or give to your other kids.
KinderWink Academy sounds AMAZING!

This is what you want for your family.


The KinderWink method has been tailored and tweaked to enable families like yours to have sleep, sanity and self-confidence at every single bedtime.

Your Investment for KinderWink Academy is


I left with the knowledge and skills to deal with any sleep issues that may crop up in the future, or with my other children. It really helped me get my life back on track.

-Devorah R

This was made for you.
And you are so ready to do this.

I 1000% recommend this to anyone and everyone with a child!

-Shifra N

Let’s get you signed up.

My baby and I are ready to SLEEP!

Miracles DO happen! Miri slept from 6:30-7 without me going to her even once! And – she even asks to go to sleep at night.

-Malka N

Have any questions for me? Just shoot me an email: info[at]chayashifra.com.

KinderWink Academy, here I come!