You Didn't Learn About It in Kindergarten [Guest Post!]

All I really need to know, I learned in kindergarten.

Well, maybe not.

Robert Fulghum made history with his best selling book by that name in the...

Cooking with your kids [Guest Post!]

By: Yaffa Lvova

You’ve just rolled out of bed, snood and robe firmly in place. You’re assembling breakfast while listening to the...

Mommy Guilt: here to stay?

You’re a smart mommy.

You know how important it is for your children to eat real, nourishing foods, for them to get the sleep and exercise...

Not-so-brainless Breathing: 3 ways your breath can transform your day.

I’ve been breathing a lot recently.

Okay, okay, I know: you have too.

But not just breathing; breathing

See the difference?

Well, if...

A surprising little tool to keep you from becoming overwhelmed

Those days… you know those days.

Those days when, well, everything. (Do I need to spell this out?)

Those days when tantrums and baths and...

Spend 30 minutes a day to transform your pregnancy

You are a body builder.

Yes, you, my dear.

No, I haven’t lost my noodles (not yet!); if you’ve grown a baby inside of you then you are,...

Putting out my Burnout Fire (and how to REALLY take care of yourself)

I had grand plans for the months of May and June.

They’d be my last two full months before my maternity leave this summer, be”H, and on...

The 1-to-0 Nap Transition (Or: Dropping the Nap)

Toilet training, upsherin, big kid bed and no more nap: these are the hallmarks of being a “big kid”.

All are a big deal, all are big...

The 2-to-1 Nap Transition

So here we are - still talking about nap transitions. 

This transition is even more favoriter (poetic license ;) ) than going from 3 naps to 2...

The 3-2 Nap Transition

Nap transitions, oh, nap transitions. Oh, how I love you. Oh, how I despise you.

On the one hand, after the transition is over, the day looks...


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