My Crazy Idea of the Best Way to Spend the First Two Weeks Postpartum

As anyone who knows me can testify, I’ve got some nutty ideas floating around this head of mine.

(My poor husband didn’t know what hit...

I Can See the Future

I can see the future, dear reader.

Can you?

Sometimes it’s murky; sometimes it’s clear.

Hmm? What’s that I hear? Are you doubting...

Raising a Mommy: Of Chronic Headaches, Chewy Living and Eight Hours a Night

Usually, when I start my story, it starts when my babies were born.

But really it starts long before that.

Because, well, obviously, I was a person...

Hassle-Free Nutrition Tips for the Harried Mom [Guest Post!]

By Rivka Sochet

Picture this morning scene:

The kids enter the kitchen looking clean and neat in their fresh clothes. They each take a seat at the...

The Unappreciated Skill That Will Spice Up Your Marriage [Guest Post!]

By: Alisa Avruch

A friend of mine invented a really cool parenting hack.

It’s so effective, in fact, that if it were possible, I would tell...

You Didn't Learn About It in Kindergarten [Guest Post!]

All I really need to know, I learned in kindergarten.

Well, maybe not.

Robert Fulghum made history with his best selling book by that name in the...

Cooking with your kids [Guest Post!]

By: Yaffa Lvova

You’ve just rolled out of bed, snood and robe firmly in place. You’re assembling breakfast while listening to the...

Mommy Guilt: here to stay?

You’re a smart mommy.

You know how important it is for your children to eat real, nourishing foods, for them to get the sleep and exercise...

Not-so-brainless Breathing: 3 ways your breath can transform your day.

I’ve been breathing a lot recently.

Okay, okay, I know: you have too.

But not just breathing; breathing

See the difference?

Well, if...

A surprising little tool to keep you from becoming overwhelmed

Those days… you know those days.

Those days when, well, everything. (Do I need to spell this out?)

Those days when tantrums and baths and...


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