3 Easy Steps to Conquering the Fall Clock Change

Back before I had kids, I loved the fall clock change.

An opportunity to stay up late, sleep in, or just have an extra hour to do ...something!...

Should You Use a Pacifier?

Call it a pacifier, soother, dummy or tzumi - we're all talking about the same thing. Some kind of silicone or rubber protrusion that helps you...

Preventing an Eat-Sleep Association

There is a long-held debate among moms out there regarding when to change a baby's diaper: before the feed or after the feed. 

On one hand,...

Giving Choices

So we talked about why your toddler might seem to be manipulating you, and one of the best "manipulation" fixes: one-on-one time.

My second top fix...

One-on-One Time

This post is a continuation of last week's post on toddler manipulation (and if we should even be calling it that).

The most common cause for a...

Is Your Toddler Manipulating You?

In good Jewish style, let me answer that by asking you this: If your newborn cries because she's hungry, is she manipulating you?

No way, Chaya...

Staying on Track over Yom Tov

Yom Tov. It's such a special time, but can be so hard, too.

There's the special hisorerus from the chag, special tefillos and meals, having the...

5 Quick Ways to Spot an Overtired Child

When I think of overtired, I think back to my early sleep-deprived days of motherhood. That incessant foggy-brained feeling that never seemed to go...

The Four P’s of Moving Your Toddler Out Of Your Bed

Co-sleeping or bedsharing is quite a controversial topic, both in the medical world and in the mom world.

Most mothers I know that end up...


Who here hasn’t heard of melatonin by now?

No one, probably.

I know I've been hearing about it - and about kids being dependent on it to fall...


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