The Invisible Factor: Your Stress Stresses Your Child

A friend called me on Friday last week and asked me, "Chaya Shifra, how does my baby know it's Erev Shabbos?"

And, despite the fact that my...

Your Kiddo's Best Friend: The Lovey

Whether you call it a lovey, a blanky, a deki, a security blanket, or maybe it's a stuffed animal with a name of its own. Regardless. A rose by any...

Three Counterintuitive Reasons Your Newborn won't Sleep at Night

I've been hearing from a lot of newborn mothers recently. A lot.

Now that's not to say I never worked with newborns before; I did. But in...

Moving to a Big Kid Bed

So your child really is ready to move to a bed. He's old enough, mature enough, developed enough. Or maybe he's even asking for it.

But he's got...

The "I'm a Big Sibling" Regression

Expecting? B'sha'ah tovah! Have a new baby? Mazel tov!

I hope you're super excited (if a bit apprehensive) about this newest addition... but...

Keeping your toddler in a crib

So you know that your toddler is WAY too young (or even just a bit too young) to move to a big boy bed... but she's climbing or jumping out!...

When is your toddler ready to move to a bed?

I love cribs. I've got three of them. And three pack'n plays, too.

You, though, might not like cribs just as much as I do. You might be nice and...

Is your Newborn Sleeping or is he just in Shut-Down?

Newborns are tricky little things. It's so hard to tell what they actually can and can't do, what they need, what's wrong and why are they crying?


Are You Clear on Your Expectations?

Were you ever asked if your baby was a "good baby?"

Goodness, what's a mom to answer to that sort of question? "No"?!

Of course not!

All babies are...

When is Your Baby Ready to Sleep Through the Night?

Is your baby sleeping through the night?

Sorry - I know it can be a painful question. It's one of those that everyone seems to want to ask, but no...


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