Purim With Your Baby

Can you smell Purim? It's just around the corner - the holiday of high husbands and sugar-high kids and messes of food platters, cellophane and...

The Real Me

I have a confession to make.

I'm not who I've been pretending to be.

The story starts like this: After having a child with a "ch" sound in his...

How Do I Know If My Child Is Having Night Terrors and What Can I Do About Them?

Night terrors.

The name simply conjures up an image of All Things Scary, no?

But... are night terrors really as scary as they're cracked up to be?


Dealing with and Preventing Nightmares

So your kiddo has nightmares.

Not fun.

For either of you.

Because, even though you know that it's just a dream, and is totally fake, he...

Nightmares and Night Terrors: The What's What and Who's Who of Screaming in the Night

It's a quiet peaceful evening.

The kids are long in bed, sleeping soundly and you're puttering in the kitchen putting away those last few things...

The Invisible Factor: Your Stress Stresses Your Child

A friend called me on Friday last week and asked me, "Chaya Shifra, how does my baby know it's Erev Shabbos?"

And, despite the fact that my...

Your Kiddo's Best Friend: The Lovey

Whether you call it a lovey, a blanky, a deki, a security blanket, or maybe it's a stuffed animal with a name of its own. Regardless. A rose by any...

Three Counterintuitive Reasons Your Newborn won't Sleep at Night

I've been hearing from a lot of newborn mothers recently. A lot.

Now that's not to say I never worked with newborns before; I did. But in...

Moving to a Big Kid Bed

So your child really is ready to move to a bed. He's old enough, mature enough, developed enough. Or maybe he's even asking for it.

But he's got...

The "I'm a Big Sibling" Regression

Expecting? B'sha'ah tovah! Have a new baby? Mazel tov!

I hope you're super excited (if a bit apprehensive) about this newest addition... but...


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