Nursing? Formula? A Mixture? What to take into account when choosing what to feed your baby

"What do you mean? Of COURSE I'm nursing!"

"It's so hard for me to nurse/pump - I'm so glad I can give my baby formula."

"I love nursing, but...

My Pesach Mess-Up (and how I fixed it)

I have a secret to tell you.

My kids aren't perfect.

And I'm not perfect either.

Sure, I know all the rules. I know how to make things right. But...


1 Week Old

It's the middle of Chol Hamoed now, and my mother brought little G home from his bris a couple of hours ago. I don't think I know him...

Answers to your Pesach Questions

Mah nishtanah hazeh mikol haleilos?

Why are the kids kvetching and awake? Why do I feel exhausted? Why is my baby just crying and crying? And what...

Six Questions I Can't Answer

I love my clients.

I love chatting with them, love their successes, love seeing pictures of their babies, love hearing from them again down the...

Purim With Your Baby

Can you smell Purim? It's just around the corner - the holiday of high husbands and sugar-high kids and messes of food platters, cellophane and...

The Real Me

I have a confession to make.

I'm not who I've been pretending to be.

The story starts like this: After having a child with a "ch" sound in his...

How Do I Know If My Child Is Having Night Terrors and What Can I Do About Them?

Night terrors.

The name simply conjures up an image of All Things Scary, no?

But... are night terrors really as scary as they're cracked up to be?


Dealing with and Preventing Nightmares

So your kiddo has nightmares.

Not fun.

For either of you.

Because, even though you know that it's just a dream, and is totally fake, he...

Nightmares and Night Terrors: The What's What and Who's Who of Screaming in the Night

It's a quiet peaceful evening.

The kids are long in bed, sleeping soundly and you're puttering in the kitchen putting away those last few things...


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