Dealing with and Preventing Nightmares

So your kiddo has nightmares.

Not fun.

For either of you.

Because, even though you know that it's just a dream, and is totally fake, he...

Nightmares and Night Terrors: The What's What and Who's Who of Screaming in the Night

It's a quiet peaceful evening.

The kids are long in bed, sleeping soundly and you're puttering in the kitchen putting away those last few things...

The Invisible Factor: Your Stress Stresses Your Child

A friend called me on Friday last week and asked me, "Chaya Shifra, how does my baby know it's Erev Shabbos?"

And, despite the fact that my...

Your Kiddo's Best Friend: The Lovey

Whether you call it a lovey, a blanky, a deki, a security blanket, or maybe it's a stuffed animal with a name of its own. Regardless. A rose by any...

Three Counterintuitive Reasons Your Newborn won't Sleep at Night

I've been hearing from a lot of newborn mothers recently. A lot.

Now that's not to say I never worked with newborns before; I did. But in...

Moving to a Big Kid Bed

So your child really is ready to move to a bed. He's old enough, mature enough, developed enough. Or maybe he's even asking for it.

But he's got...

The "I'm a Big Sibling" Regression

Expecting? B'sha'ah tovah! Have a new baby? Mazel tov!

I hope you're super excited (if a bit apprehensive) about this newest addition... but...

Keeping your toddler in a crib

So you know that your toddler is WAY too young (or even just a bit too young) to move to a big boy bed... but she's climbing or jumping out!...

When is your toddler ready to move to a bed?

I love cribs. I've got three of them. And three pack'n plays, too.

You, though, might not like cribs just as much as I do. You might be nice and...

Is your Newborn Sleeping or is he just in Shut-Down?

Newborns are tricky little things. It's so hard to tell what they actually can and can't do, what they need, what's wrong and why are they crying?


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