Staying on Track over Yom Tov

Sep 07, 2017

Yom Tov. It's such a special time, but can be so hard, too.

There's the special hisorerus from the chag, special tefillos and meals, having the family together, time to sit down together and just enjoy each other...

But sometimes it gets to be a bit too much. Stress levels running high, lots of people packed into small places, sugar highs and overtired little kids (and mommies!) can make for a Yom Tov that's not all that you hoped it would be.

Many mothers I work with struggle to find the balance between work and play - maintaining the routines and bedtimes, while still allowing for some wiggle room as you accommodate other family members.

I'd like to preface this post by saying: if what you're doing works for you, then keep doing what you're doing! I've put together these tips for those families that it's NOT working for - so they have insight on some real tweaks they can make to make things better.

If you're going to be going away for Yom Tov, I've got a guide for you to grab to help you stay on track when you've got Yom Tov AND a new place to contend with.

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