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Jul 13, 2021

Things have been quiet here at chayashifra.com.

Too quiet.

Not the baby-sleeping-so-I-finally-can-sit-down-and-read-something-with-a-glass/mug-of-something-yummy quiet.

But the toddler-emptying-all-the-wipes-into-the-toilet-and-then-sucking-on-them quiet.


The type of quiet that makes you go "hmm. Something's going on here..."


So first: don't worry - no toilets or wipes involved!


But I'm going to be taking a break from things over here right now. That means I won't be sending out regular emails (did you notice? ), won't be monitoring my inbox regularly, and won't be accepting any new clients for right now (but KinderWink Academy is still open and running!).


I may pop on and share something with you from time to time, and remember that all of my free guides and all my blog posts are still available here on my website. 


Whether you're new here (hi!), or you've been with me on this journey for quite some time, know that you're still in my heart.


With love and gratitude to all of you for joining me on this journey.

Chaya Shifra

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